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Stop KM Freezer for Mercedes W205(C), W222(S), X253(GLC), C190/R190 (GT/GTS) and W447 (V)

Installation is really simple , simply remove the cluster , remove dashplug , insert Stop filter , Thats it.

Plug and play , no cutting of any wires.

Activation is done by pressing a few buttons on the steering wheel. At present our tools can alter some of them.. IF NOT BUY THIS...

Please note this is a SPECIAL ORDER item THAT WE ORDER FOR YOU its not returnable.

About Super Speed Filters

Please note with this product the Speed indication on the instrument cluster does not work ON SOME MODELS. ​​​​​​​

DISCLAIMER : Speed Filters are sold for EDUCATIONAL AND FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY. THEY ARE TO BE USED FOR OFF-ROAD OR SHOW VEHICLES, NOT ON ROAD. Absolutely ALL Modules which store Mileage will match what is on your dashboard!! If you are planning on using this in an illegal manner we will not be able to do business with you.

INSTALL GUIDE https://www.keyprogtools.com/images/cangateway/USER_MANUAL_OBDII.pdf.pdf


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