We are a company that supply our customers the best tool for the job. We give Priceless Free Telephone advice to fix your mistakes which do happen on Mileage Correction 99% the time We can fix it. Don't want to do the work yourself, no problem. Jim our dedicated technician, with over 25 years experience. Is available to do most diagnostic work including Mileage Correction. We now do 2020 KIA Niro and Kona, 2020 Renault Kwid, NEW Mazda 6 Big Display, WE CAN Repair Ford XXXX Also now do 68 reg Leon, 2020 NEW Range Rover Defender TFT, Land Rover Disco 5, 2020 Range Rover SVR & Velar Full Virtual TFT, 2020 F-Pace SVR & E-Pace, 2020 Ford Transit Customs, MK8 Newshape Fiesta / EcoSport, Newshape Focus, 2020 NEWSHAPE Ford Ranger, New 2020 Mitsubishi L200 and NEW Mitsubishi Eclipse , ALL OBD. Call or Contact for prices.